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Can I Still Wear Contacts After Cataract Surgery?

Our Team | 01/11/2022

Whether or not you need contact lenses depends on numerous factors, though some patients still safely wear contacts after cataract surgery.


Use Your Flex Spending on Your Eye Health Before the Year Ends


The unspent money in your Flex Spending Account may be forfeited at year’s end, but you can use it to help your loved ones enjoy optimal eye health.


Can Cold Weather Cause Dry Eyes?

Our Team | 11/04/2021

Dry eye syndrome can make your eyes itchy and irritated. Discover our innovative treatments for dry eyes, such as artificial tears and eye surgery.


What is the Impact of Excess Screen Time On Your Eyes?

Our Team | 10/09/2021

Eye strain and headaches are just a few problems associated with excess screen time. Schedule an eye exam near me to learn how we improve your vision.


What Side Effects Can You Expect With Cataract Surgery?

Our Team | 09/14/2021

Laser cataract surgery effectively clears cloudy vision in patients. Learn which side effects to expect during recovery, including blurry vision.


Back to School Means Vision Testing For Your Child

Our Team | 08/10/2021

Back-to-school eye exams are crucial for improving your child's eye health. Learn what happens during a vision exam and schedule an appointment today.


Symptoms of Dry Eyes and How to Prevent It

Our Team | 07/10/2021

Dry eye syndrome is a common but uncomfortable eye condition. At Rothchild Eye Institute, our ophthalmologists treat your symptoms of dry eye.


How to Protect Your Eyes From the Summer Sun

Our Team | 06/11/2021

Discover why it is important to wear sunglasses and other helpful ways to protect your eyes, especially in the summertime.


At What Age Do Cataracts Begin to Form?

Our Team | 05/12/2021

Age-related cataracts may begin as early as in your 40s. Learn how state-of-the-art cataract surgery and premium lenses improve your vision for life.


The Importance of Yearly Vision Testing

Our Team | 04/22/2021

Nothing is more essential than your personal eye health. Discover the importance of eye exams when meeting with one of our trusted ophthalmologists.


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