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The ophthalmology team at Rothchild Eye Institute strives to provide the latest in eye and vision health to patients throughout Delray Beach, FL and beyond. From routine eye exams and cataract surgery to dry eyes and diabetic eye care, our blog offers detailed information on a range of ophthalmic topics. Explore the posts below to learn how better vision can enhance your quality of life.

How Do You Know If You Need Glasses or Contacts?

Our Team | 05/31/2024

Signs you may need glasses include headaches, blurred vision, and eye strain. Contact us for an eye exam and to learn about glasses and contacts.


Do LASIK Effects Diminish Over Time? Understanding Long-Term Vision Correction

Our Team | 05/16/2024

Explore whether LASIK effects diminish over time and how RLE as an alternative can offer lasting vision correction solutions.


What Are the Early Signs of Eye Problems You Shouldn't Ignore?

Our Team | 04/06/2024

Redness around the eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision, and more could indicate an eye problem. Read on to learn more, then schedule an exam at our center.


When Can I Wear Contacts After Cataract Surgery?

Our Team | 03/11/2024

Explore the timeline and considerations for wearing contact lenses after cataract removal surgery, including recommended lens types.


Is There a Connection Between Dry Eye Syndrome and Weather Changes?

Our Team | 02/29/2024

Dry eye syndrome can cause itchy, red eyes that sting, feel gritty, and more. Weather and seasonal changes can exasperate these symptoms.


What Can You Do to Prepare for Your Vision Exam?

Our Team | 01/14/2024

To ensure the most accurate assessment of your eye health, discover the essential steps for preparing for your vision exam at Rothchild Eye Institute.


How to Choose the Best Contact Lenses for Your Visual Needs

Our Team | 12/14/2023

Rothchild Eye Institute guides Delray Beach, FL, individuals through selecting contact lenses that improve their vision and fit their lifestyle.


How Long Can Recovery Take After Cataract Surgery?

Our Team | 11/10/2023

The Rothchild Eye Institute team guides you through your recovery journey, detailing the immediate to long-term care after cataract surgery.


What Can Make Dry Eye Symptoms Worse?

Our Team | 10/09/2023

Discover what aggravates dry eye symptoms and how Rothchild Eye Institute can provide custom treatment options to improve dry, itchy eyes.


The Importance of Visual Testing for Overall Eye Health

Our Team | 09/22/2023

At Rothchild Eye Institute, we emphasize the importance of regular vision tests and eye exams to protect your eye health and catch potential issues.


Cataract Surgery Can Help Improve Your Vision

Our Team | 08/19/2023

Rothchild Eye Institute specializes in cataract surgery, offering a safe procedure for cataract removal that leads to significantly improved vision.


Signs You May Need Refractive Surgery

Our Team | 07/30/2023

Rothchild Eye Institute specializes in refractive lens surgery to treat refractive eye conditions, resulting in improved vision and quality of life.


When Should I See an Eye Doctor for Dry Eyes?

Our Team | 06/03/2023

Dry eye relief is possible with help from a professional. Learn about dry eye syndrome and how our team members manage common issues like dry eyes.


What Eye Diseases Are Checked for During a Vision Exam?

Our Team | 05/06/2023

It is possible to catch and treat certain eye diseases early. Learn about different eye conditions and what happens during an eye examination here.


How to Choose the Right Premium IOLs After Cataract Surgery

Our Team | 04/08/2023

Premium IOLs can help with vision correction if you have a refractive error like nearsightedness or farsightedness. Read about premium lenses here.


How Important is Proper Eye Care for Someone With Diabetes?

Our Team | 03/11/2023

Diabetic eye care is paramount to preserve as much of your vision and eye health as possible.


Can Wearing Glasses Help Relieve Dry Eyes?

Our Team | 02/09/2023

Find out what causes dry eyes and if wearing glasses may play a role in helping to relieve your symptoms.


How Often Do I Need to Have an Eye Exam?

Our Team | 01/23/2023

Not sure whether you need an eye exam annually or more often? Review the helpful information here to find the answer.


Meet The Doctor Helping Patients Restore Their Youthful Appearance

Our Team | 12/12/2022

Dr. Myers has helped countless people through BOTOX®, dermal fillers, and laser skin resurfacing. Learn about his years of experience and skill here.


Common Causes for Eye Allergies This Fall

Our Team | 11/14/2022

This fall, many people will suffer from eye allergies caused by various allergens, including pollen, dust mites, mold, and environmental irritants.


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