What Is Visual Acuity and How Is It Tested?

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A visual acuity test can help determine how well you can see in various circumstances. The process can help find the best glasses or contact lens prescription for your vision. At Rothchild Eye Institute in Delray Beach, FL, we offer eye exams, visual acuity tests, and other methods to help our patients monitor their ocular health and offer any vision treatments that may be needed.

Understanding visual acuity

Visual acuity is a measure of how precise or sharp your vision is. The acuity is measured in numbers, with 20/20 being the ideal measurement. A 20/20 vision measurement means you can see an object from 20 feet away.

Any irregularities in your vision can be measured in your visual acuity total. For example, you might have 20/50 vision. This means you must be as close as 20 feet to see what someone with 20/20 vision could see from 50 feet away.

How does a visual acuity test work?

You can find your visual acuity through a test provided by a professional eye doctor. Our experts at Rothchild Eye Institute in Delray Beach, FL can review your needs through this exam. The test will require you to read the letters on a Snellen chart. This chart is about 20 feet away from your position. The letters vary in size, with the largest ones appearing on the top.

You’ll have to remove your eyeglasses or contact lenses before you start the test. You’ll then have one eye covered with material, and you will then be asked to read off the smallest letters you can see on the chart.

You may also look at the letters through a lens. The doctor will bring a lens out and adjust it to a specific strength to see which prescription may work best for you. One eye will remain closed during the testing process.

Some visual acuity tests will also cover near vision. A doctor will hold a card about 14 inches from your face. You’ll need to read the letters on the card from that direction to see how well you can view things right in front of you. For cases where you cannot identify any letters, you may be asked to read off the number of items you see on that line.

What happens if your vision isn’t 20/20?

A visual acuity test may find your vision isn’t 20/20. You may require a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. You can receive further testing to see what prescription works best for your eyes. You may require different prescriptions for each eye.

Sometimes, the results may be due to an eye infection or another disorder. You may receive a prescription for medication or another treatment to resolve the condition. You can undergo the acuity test again after you resolve the issue.

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