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What Are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are thin, curved plastic devices worn on the surface of the eye to help correct vision impairments. For many patients who have myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia, (far-sightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia (age-related farsightedness), contacts are the most suitable way to achieve their sharpest vision. Besides convenience, contact lens engineering has made numerous strides in recent years. Rothchild Eye Institute boasts the latest vision technology and an on-site optical center, where we are pleased to offer our patients a terrific inventory of standard and specialty contacts. If you are in need of contact lenses in Delray Beach, FL, please contact our office today. Our professional team is here to ensure you select the ideal type of contact lenses to suit your vision needs and lifestyle.

What Are the Benefits of Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses offer several benefits for individuals seeking vision correction. These thin, curved lenses are worn on the eye's surface and provide a convenient alternative to traditional eyeglasses:

  • Sharper vision
  • Wide range of options to meet many unique needs
  • A comfortable and effective options
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Whether you need daily wear, single-use, multifocal, or another type of contact lens, Rothchild Eye Institute provides personalized guidance to select the right type for your budget and lifestyle. To explore your options for contact lenses and achieve your sharpest eyesight, contact our institute in Delray Beach, FL today.

Who is a candidate for contact lenses?

Right after a full eye exam, we should be able to talk about whether contacts or glasses are the best solution for your vision needs. Adults, teens, and children as young as age eight may be ideal candidates for wearing contact lenses. They can address a range of vision problems and offer increased convenience over eyeglasses, such as when playing sports. If you are in need of a contact lens exam, our eye doctors can review your options and help you determine if contacts might be right for you.

What Can Be Expected With Contact Lenses?

At Rothchild Eye Institute, we proudly dedicate extra time and consideration to helping you receive the most appropriate contact lenses. Following a complete exam, we can discuss if contact lenses are an effective option for your vision needs. Some of the most common types of lenses include daily wear and single-use soft lenses, multifocal, toric, and gas permeable (rigid or hard) contact lenses. In addition, we are pleased to offer a thorough training session for placing and removing contact lenses for patients of all ages. A follow-up visit in 4 – 8 weeks may be recommended for contact lens wearers. It is important to remember, however, that follow-up evaluations never take the place of routine eye exams.

Contact Lenses FAQ

What are the best contact lenses for me?
There may be a certain type of contact lens that best suits your needs based on your prescription, vision, ocular health, and other factors. Whether you have bifocal, multifocal, or single vision requirements, prefer daily or extended wear options, or are a candidate for hard or soft contact lenses, our vision experts can help you select the right type of lenses for your budget and lifestyle. Rothchild Eye Institute proudly offers a variety of options for contact lenses in Delray Beach, FL.

Are contact lenses uncomfortable to wear?
While they often require an adjustment period, most patients find contact lenses comfortable to wear. Advancements in technology have made some types of contact lenses more comfortable and easier to wear than those of the past.

Can I keep my lenses in while I sleep?
Sleeping in contact lenses is generally not advised, regardless of the type of lenses. Doing so can increase the risk of eye infections, eye irritation, and other vision concerns.

Can I wear contact lenses while playing sports?
Yes, you can wear contact lenses while playing sports. Contact lenses can improve visual skills, such as peripheral awareness, depth perception, and eye/hand or eye/foot coordination.

Improve Your Vision With Quality Care

Refractive vision problems, like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and presbyopia, can affect your vision and life in various ways. However, each of them can often be managed with corrective lenses, such as contact lenses. Our experienced team at Rothchild Eye Institute is happy to help you obtain your sharpest eyesight. To learn more about your options for contact lenses in Delray Beach, FL, please contact our practice today.

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