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What are Common Eye Conditions?

At Rothchild Eye Institute, our team of board-certified ophthalmologists routinely treats and manages various types of eye conditions, ranging from common to complex. Eye diseases and conditions often carry symptoms that include mild redness and irritation or more severe concerns that interfere with normal daily function. As ophthalmology specialists, our experts provide advanced care for conjunctivitis, chalazion, styes, tear duct inflammation, and eye allergies and perform foreign body removal with precision skill and expertise. Treating any type of eye concern as early as possible is important for preserving your eye health, vision, and general comfort, as even minor eye conditions can have serious consequences without timely care. For more on the diagnosis and treatment of common eye conditions, please contact our eye center in Delray Beach, FL, today.

What are symptoms of eye conditions?

Symptoms of eye conditions may vary depending on what disease you are dealing with. However, you should seek an eye evaluation from a professional if you are experiencing:

  • A painful bump on the eye
  • Changes in vision
  • Itching and irritation
  • Dry eyes
  • The feeling of something in your eye
  • Swollen eyelids

What causes common eye conditions?

Common eye conditions like conjunctivitis, chalazion, styes, tear duct inflammation, and eye allergies stem from a mix of infections, blockages, and immune responses.

  • Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is often caused by viral or bacterial infections, or by an allergic reaction to irritants like pollen or dust.
  • Chalazions result from blocked oil glands near the eyelids, leading to swollen, red bumps.
  • Styes are typically caused by bacterial infections at the base of eyelashes.
  • Tear duct inflammation can arise from obstructions within the tear duct system, causing tear overflow or infections.
  • Eye allergies are triggered by the body's reaction to allergens, leading to red, itchy, and watery eyes. Each of these conditions highlights the delicate balance of the eye's ecosystem and the importance of maintaining eye hygiene and health.

How Are Eye Conditions Treated?

Eye diseases and conditions can produce a variety of bothersome symptoms and impact your ability to see clearly, in some instances. Any concerns or abnormalities involving the eye should be evaluated promptly to help preserve your ocular health. Some of the most common eye conditions treated at Rothchild Eye Institute include:

  • Conjunctivitis: Frequently referred to as "pink eye," conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva or thin, clear membranes covering your eye and lining your eyelids. It is often treated with antihistamines (allergic conjunctivitis) or antibiotic eye drops (bacterial conjunctivitis).
  • Chalazion: A chalazion is a small, painless cyst or inflamed area that arises within the eyelid. Treatment generally consists of massage and warm compresses applied to the eye to help encourage drainage. Chalazia tend to resolve on their own after several weeks.
  • Stye: A stye is a painful, infected bump that often develops as a result of an infected eyelid follicle. Styes tend to resolve on their own or with the use of warm compresses. For more resistant cases, our eye physicians may recommend antibiotic treatments or surgery to drain the stye.
  • Eye allergies: Often the result of environmental factors, eye allergies commonly mimic symptoms of more concerning eye conditions. For this reason, it is critical to visit an eye expert for a proper diagnosis. Eye allergy treatment in Delray Beach, FL may include prescription or over-the-counter eye drops, oral antihistamines, and allergy shots.
  • Foreign body removal: Small flecks of sand, metal, glass, or other materials may become embedded in the eye, leading to extreme discomfort and the risk of eye damage. Our skilled eye surgeons use a variety of ophthalmic techniques to carefully remove foreign objects while preserving the delicate tissues of the eye.
  • Tear duct stenosis: When the tear duct narrows, it makes it harder to drain tears normally, causing a watery, irritated eye. Properly flushing the eye and irrigating the tear duct is an optimal treatment that keeps the eyes healthy.  

Common Eye Conditions FAQ

What are the most common eye conditions?

While there are many different eye conditions, some of the most common include:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Macular degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Glaucoma

How do I know if something is wrong with my eyes?

There are numerous ways to know if your eyes might be suffering from an eye condition. These can include the sudden appearance of floaters, light flashes, blurred vision, or receding peripheral vision. However, the only way to know for sure is to schedule a consultation with a member of our team. We can treat tear duct infection, blurred vision, foreign body removal, and more. 

What can happen if an eye condition is left untreated?

Leaving an eye condition untreated can lead to various outcomes, depending on the specific condition. In some cases, a lack of treatment could simply lead to continued difficulty seeing clearly. On the other hand, other conditions, such as glaucoma, could lead to partial or complete blindness if they are not treated in a timely manner.

Experience Optimal Eye Health

Receiving prompt, expert care for eye conditions and diseases is essential to maintaining optimal and improved eye health and protecting the quality of your vision. To schedule an eye exam with one of our Delray Beach, FL ophthalmologists, please contact Rothchild Eye Institute today. We are pleased to accept Medicare, several insurance plans, and third-party medical financing through CareCredit®.

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