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What Is Vitreoretinal Eye Care?

Vitreoretinal conditions are a collection of eye diseases that impact the retina, macula (part of the retina), and the vitreous solution that surrounds this structure. In some cases, general health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, trauma or injury, and the natural aging process, can increase the risk of developing vitreoretinal diseases. These conditions can impact your vision and the health of your eyes and can lead to vision loss and blindness without proper care. The retina specialists at Rothchild Eye Institute perform vitrectomy procedures and other forms of eye care to decrease the progression of or repair damage caused by vitreoretinal disorders. If you have symptoms of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, retinitis pigmentosa, or other conditions, contact our Delray Beach, FL eye center and arrange for a consultation.

How Is a Vitrectomy Performed?

Our skilled retina specialists use advanced technologies and techniques to diagnose, treat, and manage vitreoretinal disorders. Vitrectomy is one of the most common procedures we perform, which is a surgical process that removes some or all of the vitreous solution within the eye. This may be necessary to allow for detached retina repair, the removal of scar tissue, removal of a foreign body substance, or other conditions surrounding retinal function. Once the process is complete, the vitreous gel is replaced with a saline or oil-based solution or gas bubble. Other forms of surgical and laser techniques may be performed to treat retinal diseases and improve or preserve a patient's vision and eye function.

Expert Care for Retinal Conditions

Vitreoretinal diseases are common yet serious conditions that require expert skill and expertise. At Rothchild Eye Institute, our retinal specialists are exceptionally experienced at performing vitrectomy procedures and other treatments to repair a retinal tear or detachment, treat a macular hole, or minimize damage caused by diabetic retinopathy, among other concerns. For more information on vitreoretinal eye care and surgeries, please call our Delray Beach, FL ophthalmology center to schedule an appointment. We are pleased to accept a wide selection of insurance plans, Medicare, and CareCredit® financing for your convenience.

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